Primer Tro

Mª Isabel García Soler


Estefania Conejero Salinas


Esther Gandía Barberá


Isabel Casanova Penadés


Ricardo Enguix Ferrero

Dades d'interés

Founded in 1860. After the 1966 Captaincy and due to an important crisis in the number of members, they had to leave the fiestas for some time. But an enthusiastic group of festeros brought about their reappearance. With Patricia Conejero Salinas at the head, they were the captain of the comparsa in the year 2000 and set the goal of finally making a woman captain of our fiestas. With this fact, they put an end to what was surely the last remaining obstacle to normalise the participation of women in the fiesta. Laden with hairpins, spoons or pens, they try to give the impression of youthful rebelliousness that corresponds to students, but the reality shows an unquestionable seriousness when it comes to going out into the street.

In 2023 they premiered the pasodoble ‘Madre e Hijo’ by Ivan Ferrero Gandia. It is dedicated to the First Tro of their comparsa Cristina Garcia Soler and her son, Primer Tro of the Cruzados 2023, Miguel Llin Gandia.

Músiques per als Estudiants

· “Estudiants d’Ontinyent”
(M.C. – 1993) F.J. Sánchez Roca


· “Regnum”
(M.C. – 2000) C. Fernández Sevilla


· “Arrels”
(M.C. – 2012) F. Sanchis Gandia


· “Leonardo”
(M.C. – 2018) J.M. Ferrero de la Asunción


· “Mare i Fill”
(Pd – 2023) I. Ferrero Gandia